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back to the superficial world..

These past weeks I've bought some clothing and accesoires that I'm really diggin'. I used to be a relatively plain dresser, wearing almost no accesoires. But as time changes, my new favourite items now are pins, bracelets and purses. I'm slowly incorporating them into my daily outfits and I can see what a difference it makes.

Also, I'm in the hunt for some cute tights as winter is approaching. I wonder if I'll be able to wear tights on a cold day or if I'll stick to my pants. How is it to wear tights in winter without being cold? I want an answer!! I've seen girls literally in the snow with tights and looking 'not-cold'.. Is it just me? or maybe they just are good pretenders of 'everything's all right'...

At last but not least, I was thinking of adding a banner to my blog. And what about this pic?

watcha think? It's a thrifted navy dress, such a lovely dress. I'm not sure -again- of my pose cause i'm camera shy when it comes to take pictures by myself. I wish my boy were here to take photos, things would be muuuch easier :)

Well, I'm off to bed to read some more Maupassant ( what a life!)
Adiós *-*

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  1. You look really pretty wearing that dress and I disagree you take good pictures of yourself, like when you took pics for Kenny's birthday I think... They were so nice (L). Now that you're in the Fashion world jajaja I think I could use your advice to look as hot as possible this winter (it's so hard to look hot when it's cold XD)

    Ok, see you soon sis jajajaja

  2. I'm glad I could make you smile, and don't worry about me, I'm feeling a little better today.

    Umm so about the tights, I've always wondered the exact same thing about people wearing tights in the snow. I do wear tights in winter with the knowlege that I will most likely freeze to death. Although it doesn't even snow here so I can't comment on that. I suggest you buy some knitted tights, I have a few pairs of them which are so warm and cozy.

    Oh and I think that is a good image for your header.

    Sorry for the long comment, haha, you just give me so much to comment about.

    xx Chloe