Blue lips

Currently I'm lovin' blue colour. I want blue shoes, blue purses and the blue eyes of my boyfriend ahaha. I found a blue trenchieee and I'm so glad with it, it's such a cute garment. I got it for a bargain, which makes me even happier!! I suppose it's vintage since the label looks quite old and it says Made in Hong Kong, which is rare nowadays.. everything's made in chi-chi-chi... (not Chile). And since it has white stitching and buttons I paired it with white tights, I like to match-match.
These tights are really old ones, I never ever wore them before and they're actualy warm, they're hand-me-downs from a cousin.

The big problem of my outfit comes to the photo session ugh. I need to be too patient and I get grumpy eventually if the pics don't work my way. Also I had a little problem with the shoe part.. I don't have many pair of shoes ( most of them- if not all- are black!) and I didn't like the combination with the rest of the outfit. Also the pics were all blurred ghghg goddamn camera so it was a disaster session but I'm still posting them. Why? cause I need to conquer my fear of posting pics.

I promise I'll take some better pics next time. And I downloaded a program to edit pics, the lighting is such a pain in the neck when it comes to take pics.. I need to learn a lot about photography.

the detail of my hair ribbon and the trench :)

Well that's all for now folks.
Thanks for the messages I've got. They make me oh so happy :D

Adiós *-*

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  1. i am obsessed with blue this season too! don't worry my first couple of photos were pretty disastrous, but i admire your courage to continue posting despite your fear! keep at it and you'll get better :) that blue trench coat is adorable on you!

  2. wow I feel so honored!! I've been following you from long ago ahaha. I've noticed you have lots of blue skirts and it suits you so well. Partly seeing you made me realise blue is such a nice colour.

    Thanks for your encouragement :)

  3. That outfit is really cute. I love the navy blue coat and the white tights. White tights are on my list of tights to get.

  4. love this outfit, looks sooooo good on you! adorable!