Got to have the guts

So I finally had the guts to upload a picture of my outfit in Chictopia.. and now I do it on my blog.
I've been checking fashion blogs of varied kinds from long ago but never had the courage to take a pic of myself.. I hate being too shy for these kind of things. After the earthquake I got shaken inside and thought of doing all the things I hadn't done for being too shy or too lazy. This is one of those things. I guess this counts as my 'lame' attempt to make this blog a bit more fashionable hahah.
So, here we go... 3 2 1

First of all, I had a hard time finding the right spot to take the pic. My flat is little and in my room seems impossible to take a full body-size pic because I am lousy photographer.. Then, I had problems with my face hahaha, how the hell can I smile without seeming a fake attempt.. After it, my poses were kinda creepy. I finally decided to just stay still and feel comfy with a pose.
I need to get used to these photo sessions if I want to keep on updating my outifits on a daily basis.. Also I had problems with the lighting.. I dont know whether flash is appropriate or not. Buut it wasn't that terrible.. I liked it but at the same time I felt terribly embarrassed. Hopefully I'll start feeling better once I get used to this thinggyy...

with or without flash?

lol my face!

Finally, my dress is from American Rag, second-hand since that shop doesn't exist in Chile. The shoes are some random oxfords from the UK and the tights are from a so-called Chinese Mall in downtown that seems to be the only place in Santiago to get some nice 'polka dots' tights. The corduroy jacket is from Wados.

Well that's it for today.. I'd appreciate comments about the photos and angle IF someone reads this. :)

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  1. I'll repost my reply on my blog to you here:
    "I don't see anything wrong with your legs in your pictures, either you dress to hide your issues very well, or you just don't have a real problem! :D And short legs are so easily hidden by a high waisted dress/skirt and heels :) your pictures don't look silly to me at all!"

    you are a really pretty girl, you remind me a bit of Lourdes (Madonna's daughter :))! I think this outfit is really cute and sweet, and the pictures are fine lightingwise, posewise and facial expressionwise! if it's any help: when I first started, I felt really silly too. It gets better over time as you get to know how you look good on camera etc. Just have fun with it, isn't so bad to look a bit silly sometimes! it just looks cute to the reader! :)

    I can recommend downloading gimp or photoshop to get your pictures the way you want them, brightness and saturationwise.

  2. I absolutely love your outfit, you should definitely stay brave and keep posting them. I love everything in this outfit, the dress is pretty, I love the detail, I always love dotted tights and the jacket is perfect for the outfit. Oh and love the oxfords too.

  3. wow thank you for your comments! You've made my day!!
    I definitely feel encouraged to keep on posting outfits seeing such stylish girls commenting on me :)