List of ...

Timmy by the window:
He normally sits on my bed and looks out

I always write lists of various kinds. Lists of the things I want, list of the things to do in a short and long term, list of gifts to give, list of places I wanna go and museums to visits, books to read, meals to eat, icrecreams to try and I could go on forever...The problem with it is that I often find myself procrastinating instead of doing something for those endless lists. It's not that I don't want to, it's just I don't have a driving force right now. I might sound depressed, but that's not it neither! I feel numb.

On the superficial side, I've bought too many clothes lately which is why a week ago I decided to start a 'shopping ban' ... well not really like that but I just feel a bit sick of buying and buying... it has lost its meaning and joy for me.. (maybe cause I feel numb haha). Wow, I never thought I'd utter something like that! but don't get me wrong, I'm not a shopaholic. I couldn't be one because (1) I'm way too picky to choose garments, (2) I take forever to buy a pair of jeans or shoes, (3) I don't own any credit card and (4) my bugdet is very limited. Maybe I am after all and I'm just denying it!! hahaha, no. I am a Gemini but not a duplus personalis.


On a totally unrelated subject, my dog Timmy is just so adorable! ( now I feel something).

With this look he says 'take me out to pee'

Timmy and Pindy -his girlfriend- in the park.

After looking at these pics, I feel something now :) 

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  1. I loved the pic of Timmy and his girlfriend!!! Chio the question is does it ever get easier? or is this the way in which our lifes are going to be from now on? mmm I don't have the answer but I would like to think that it's not only gonna get easier, but it will get better, I guess that is the only attitude to stop myself from running away from everything. Eventually we will find our way, right? right? :S jajajaajaj Besooos

  2. It seems life is a Bitch with capital letters.
    But I wanna believe eventually we'll find our way :)