Un jour il m’a même dit: Tu es la femme du reste de ma vie

Well, well, well
No outift post today, that's too shallow, isn't it?
Just a little remainder about 'what really matters' though no one really cares about this except you and me.

I love someone who's very far away, I haven't seen him in about a year ( in real) and now that he's coming I just can't fucking wait any longer to see those eyes *-*

We've been together for about five years... If this is not real love then I don't know what it is.

Love you Kenny :)

67 days left wowowo

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  1. Oh I love lovestories like that! My boyfriend and I used to be an "impossible" love too: he was 17 years older than me and he already had two kids... I know how it sounds, but when you meet the one, you just know! we've been together for six years now :) hope you'll be together for ever!

  2. ahaha I'm a sucker for lovestories about impossible loves, I admit it!!

    I love to hear when love is stronger than distance/years/circumstances and a happy ending always cheers me up to keep on believing in love