Stripes lover

1. I love stripes
2. Blue is my current favourite colour
3. Tights can be worn in winter without freezing.
My conclusion after this outfit...Not particularly brilliant though.

I love winter and soon I'll be with a giant smile on my face cause my boyfriend arrives after a year - oh god, a year!! - of not seeing in real. Goddamn distance...Hopefully I'll go to study a master in Belgium and then we'll be together foooor eternity? ahha who knows, but right now I just wanna hold him :)
I leave you with the oufit head-to-toe. It sucks that my camera is so shitty, I thought I had bought a good one but my ignorance in photography materialised on this sony goodfornothing camera.

And the must item for winter: a warm jacket!

¡Hasta la vista!

1 comentario:

  1. que bonito tu vestido....
    tus looks son de los que más me gustan en blog... y justo no pones de donde son jeje:P